Arlene Thompson Clinical Hypnotherapist

The Power to Achieve Your Goals is Within You

I believe the source of all health and well-being is within each of us. But sometimes we allow things such as life circumstances, negative influences, or a poor self-image to block our connection with that positive power inside us.

Get rid of those blocks to growth and there is a quantum leap forward: deeper self-acceptance, confidence, greater energy, happiness, and joy.

How does hypnotherapy facilitate this growth? All of your beliefs about yourself and how your life ought to be are stored in your subconscious. To change your life on any long-term or permanent basis, the subconscious has to be reprogrammed, making your beliefs more positive and life-affirming.

Then outward change becomes almost effortless--no longer based on mere will power, which is from the conscious mind.

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Arlene Thompson

Arlene Thompson
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
M.Ed. in Counseling
(Harvard University)
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