Arlene Thompson Clinical Hypnotherapist


WHAT IS HYPNOSIS? Hypnosis is simply a method used to totally relax your body and your conscious mind, which in turn allows your subconscious to be more open and accessible. In this state, your subconscious will accept positive suggestions and imagery, such as for the relief of pain and the reversal of symptoms.

ABOUT PAIN: Pain is the number one reason why people seek medical attention, and pain killers are the most frequently used drugs in our country. If you suffer from pain, the source will probably fall within one of the following categories:

  • Chronic pain. Someone once said, “Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.” If you have pain that has a physical origin, it is no doubt aggravated by the emotional component of tension and stress. Hypnotherapy can help you to relax, reduce your pain, and lessen its frequency.
  • Pain due to surgery or procedures. Hypnosis can play an important role before, during, and after these procedures. Beforehand, hypnotherapy can lessen your anxiety and make you feel more in control. During the procedure, hypnosis can serve as the only form of anesthesia or be used in conjunction with chemical anesthetic agents. After the procedure, you can feel more relaxed and in control, and experience less pain and side effects.
  • Pain due to injury, illness, or disease. Hypnotherapy can lessen or eliminate your painful sensations. Positive imagery works very well for this type of pain, as does the reduction of stress that hypnosis effects as well.
OUR OBJECTIVES: Working together to reduce or eliminate your pain, we will have three specific objectives in mind:
  • You will transform, alter, or displace your pain.
  • You will directly address your pain and suggest that it decrease.
  • You will direct your attention away from your pain and experience the benefits of tranquil, peaceful imagery.
These objectives can be achieved in numerous and varied ways. My individualized hypnotherapy is tailored for the specific needs of each client. In general, though, hypnotherapy will enable you to:
  • Experience deep relaxation to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Transform your pain into a “visible” form.
  • Own your pain and control it.
  • Visualize yourself as healed and strong.
  • Concentrate on the painful part of your body and heal it.
  • Numb the part of the body that is painful.
  • Visualize and focus on positive images that direct your attention away from pain.

Pain is one way our bodies communicate with us about a problem. If your pain is caused by a medical condition, always consult a physician before deciding what kind of pain control technique, if any, to use. And be sure to bring me a written note of approval from your doctor for the use of hypnotherapy for pain control. If hypnotherapy is right for you, I hope that you will allow me to help you empower yourself to make the changes you desire in your life!