Arlene Thompson Clinical Hypnotherapist


WHAT IS HYPNOSIS? Hypnosis is simply a way to totally relax your body and your conscious mind, which allows your subconscious to be more open and accessible. In this state, your sub-conscious will accept positive suggestions, such as for a comfortable pregnancy, and a safe and successful labor and delivery. These post-hypnotic suggestions are planted in the subconscious, where they take root and become beliefs which will affect your pregnancy and birth experience in the most positive of ways.

In addition, hypnotherapy teaches you how to relax at will, thereby giving you a life-long tool that has benefits far beyond childbirth.


First of all, I get to know you and what your particular concerns are. I tailor the session for your individual needs and desires. In general, I have a 3-session protocol for childbirth preparation, which consists of:

  1. Relaxation and Guided Imagery - imagining a totally successful labor and delivery, where you are relaxed, calm and in control. This gives the subconscious a positive blueprint to follow. Most importantly, I teach you self-hypnosis, which you practice at home (using the recording made during our session) until you are able to go into this relaxed, trance state quickly and easily--even in labor!
  2. If possible, your coach/partner attends and establishes a relaxation "anchor," which can be re-activated during labor. We practice this and demonstrate how it effectively lowers pain perception. We practice and reinforce previous work. We also watch a video about two couples who use hypnotherapy for their successful labor and deliveries.
  3. Several other pain management techniques are taught, so that you have a variety to choose from when in labor. Also an open-ended guided imagery is done (and recorded for use during labor). You are guided to imagine being in a peaceful "special place," which allows the mind to dissociate from any discomfort the body is feeling.

In short, our goals are to achieve relaxation, freedom from fear and tension, a sensation of contractions that is manageable and comfortable, and, most important, a feeling of control!


Hypnotherapy in preparation for childbirth is a wonderful gift to give yourself and your baby. It uses the mind-body connection to allow positive thoughts and images to affect your pregnancy, labor and delivery (and even postpartum period) in the most positive of ways.

Hypnosis is completely non-evasive and poses no risk at all. There's nothing to lose by trying it, and many wonderful benefits to gain.

So allow me to help you make your pregnancy and childbirth a relaxed and positive experience! (Gift certificates available for your baby shower!)